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May 13, 2013


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thanks for sharing your precious experience with us. it's really useful for the new baby-expecting mamas:)



So firstly im not sure how i have missed your blog until now, i try read as many expat etc type blogs as possible but im really happy a random restaurant search led me here and so far im a good few pages in so thank you!

Second its quite bizarrely coincidental that i my wife and i have been having this discussion and are trying to work out which insurance is the best and yours seems very good. Its been a nightmare changing insurance policies etc so far only to find my existing policy covers up to about 40k RMB which is terrible so any details of yours would be appreciated!

Thanks for a great site and i look forward to continuing reading!

shanghai collected

Hello Mike, thanks for your message! My insurance is very specific tp my job so you won't be able to apply for it but have you got in touch with these guys? http://www.expatmedicare.com/
They might be able to advise you on what would be the best fit for your needs. Hope this will help!

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